Hi, Iā€™m RJ from Calgary, and I am puck possessed. I enjoy auto-scraping and analyzing hockey data using R and SQL, and then use Gravit and Tableau to visualize the data in a format that is understandable to an non analytical -but hockey loving- audience.



  • Information Visualization MOOC: Indiana University
  • Data Visualization and Infographics with D3 MOOC: Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas
  • Selfstudy: Automate the boring stuff with Python, on Udemy
  • Selfstudy: Harvard Extension School CSCI E-171 Visualization (video lectures and labs on D3)
  • Selfstudy: Interactive Data Visualization for the Web (D3.js)
  • Tableau Software: Tableau Fundamentals
  • Tableau Software: Tableau Advanced
  • Tableau Software: Tableau Server Administration
  • Alberta College Art + Design: Graphic Design Certificate Program
  • Quickdraw Animation Society: Animation 101
  • Canadian Management Centre: Effective presentation skills


  • 15 years experience with ESRI software (Desktop & Server), some QGIS, GeoServer / PostGIS, Python, SQL and VBA


  • R, RStudio, SQL


  • Van Hall Instituut The Netherlands: Geographical Information Studies, August 1999
  • HTS Hanzehogeschool The Netherlands: Civil Engineering (architecture), July 1998